Monday, October 5, 2009

UX/UI Designer, HubSpot Inc. Cambridge, MA

HubSpot seeks a rockstar UX and UI software designer to join its
product development team.

Where others see annoyances in everyday life or in a webapp, you see
opportunities for UX improvement. You have a blog about UX or design
because these things seem obvious to you and yet the world is
shocklingly awful at it. You think being obsessive about minutiae in a
webapp is perfectly normal and makes a difference. Putting it all
together, you want a company where you can help build software that
impacts the daily lives of thousands.

Day to day duties:

* Inventing new interfaces for our SAAS application using
wireframes, direct customer input, business-side strategy, and UX
* Providing the art and front-end design elements to create the
sense of professional polish and high product quality necessary for
our business customer base.
* Rolling up sleeves to edit and tweak front-end CSS and HTML.
* Working very closely with our agile scrum-based development team
in our month-long sprints and frequent product releases.
* Brainstorming big-picture changes to the product behavior and
user experience.

Qualities/ Experience:

* High wattage. We move fast and change a lot so we look
exclusively for folks who have the intellectual chops to keep up and
push the envelope with us, regardless of their role or function in the
* UX sense and analytical ability. You excel at inventing and
tuning the smoothest and most intuitive user experience from macro
product-wide IA all the way down to on-page workflow and interaction.
* Art gene. You can create beautiful, visually polished graphic
work. This is important because professional polish affects the
perceived quality of our product and has a real effect on our
* Edit-level code ability. Even if you are not the ideal person to
build frontend code, you a comfortable editing frontend code to
accomplish UX and design changes.
* Team player. Our Engineering process is Agile scrum and very
team-focused. You must be able to not only play well with others in
that kind of environment, but actually excel in it.

College or graduate degree in design would help you stand out. But
frankly if you are self-taught and your portfolio of work demonstrates
your ability to rock it in design, that works too.

Things You Should Understand About HubSpot in General:

* HubSpot has a strict NO JERKS policy.
* We are an MIT-minded company started by a bunch of Sloan MBAs
and we really like it that way. At HubSpot, we dream in graphs and
our native tongue is Spreadsheet Speak. Our data might be the most
metrically driven data you've seen. That's right, we are metrics
freaks. We measure EVERYTHING, all the time. If you are not part of
the Spreadsheet Appreciation Society, you will not have a good time
working at HubSpot. The right candidate will understand perfectly what
we mean and will smile upon reading this bullet point.
* This is a position with tremendous growth potential. This role
will develop and maintain relationships with senior executives as well
as stakeholders in our sales, marketing, and service teams. You will
talk a lot to customers, both internal and external.
* Since HubSpot is a highly collaborative and transparent
environment, you will not be isolated. This role will own a variety of
cross-group, strategic projects based on evolving business needs.
* Our compensation model takes into consideration that you have to
pay the bills, save some money and have some fun. Options are a sexy
benefits but...they don't pay the bills right away.
* Our culture is fantastic. Ask any of our employees.
* We offer a flexible, progressive, best practices workplace with
less than 2% employee turnover.
* Our people are the best talent in the world.
* We are a flat organization and politics are at a minimum.
* Your brain will be used.
* Your ideas will be implemented.
* Benefits are excellent, better than many start ups at our stage.
* The opportunity here is the best one currently available in
Cambridge or possibly the world.

About Us
HubSpot ( is a SaaS Inbound Marketing firm. HubSpot has
won a number of awards and been recognized by organizations such as
NEDMA, Mass High Tech, MassTLC, AlwaysOn, Red Herring, MITX, and
ad:Tech. HubSpot and its products have also been featured in various
media and publications including The Wall Street Journal, Boston
Globe, The New York Times, ABC News, Mashable, and TechCrunch.

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