Thursday, December 17, 2009


The company is developing a very cutting edge web and mobile product and they are in need of a strong graphics designer to make it look a lot better. They need someone who can do a lot of icon design work as well as mobile centric graphics work to spice up their image and site. They are looking for someone with strong, innovative type designs.

Below are a couple of lines about what they are looking for:

The candidate will be working with our lead ux/ui designer to create:
· Web icons, like for advertising categories

· Likely need some cool mobile-centric graphics that we can include throughout the site as it looks a bit bland right now

· Help with buttons and nav header images

They need this person to start as soon as possible for an 8 week contract role, give or take. This role is in Lexington, MA.

If this is a good fit or you know someone else that would be good, please contact me below. Thanks.

James Parselle

310 966 7231

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Call for contractors, ISITE, Cambridge, MA

ISITE in the Cambridge Innovation are looking to build a bench of folks so that when the work hits, everybody is ready to go.

They're looking for a senior people with 5+ years of UX experience (with at least 3 years in agency) who can lead the UX portion of full-service interactive projects. They need to be able to:
· Lead client discovery and user research
· Collaborate with a web strategist
· Design the UX for complex medium to large sites with an eye toward how brand, copy, and visual design come together in a holistic experience (in collaboration with a visual designer and/or copywriter)
· Transition the site designs to development and analytics
· Lead/perform usability testing

Please contact: