Thursday, September 4, 2008

Entrepreneur, User Experience/ Interaction designer for an MIT Start-up


Mix of competitive base salary and equity. Location : Boston/ flexible initially.


We are basically a young garage startup, now poised to expand rapidly. Current team is:.

1. An MIT PhD, Sloan MBA, Worked with Mckinsey, Lehman

2. An EECS grad from Cornell, An I-Banker from UBS

3. A technology guy / hacker (IIT- India grad), with 8+ years of experience in different technology functional roles, and

4. An MIT EECS grad, with experience, passion building online systems


We are building an internet startup (Web 2.0 type), in financial services. The offering is a first of its kind, meaningful interactive platform, clearly differentiated through implementation of unique information structuring and design principles applied to financial information (patent pending).

Over the last year the team has converted what was a mere idea to a product where the aha jumps out. The present go-to-market stage is an exciting time for us - encouraged by the "wow" response from users, and are looking to launch the platform in the next 6 months.

People in our close group of mentors and advisers call it as taking a 'Big swing at a large space' : The unique platform, executed right in the marketplace, will be disruptive to the I-Banking business. We expect to redefine at the fundamental level, how individuals, both institutional and retail, access and use business news/information, and how corporations raise capital from public.


If you want to be an internet entrepreneur / or want to do it again, this is a dream job.

Prior to launch we are targeting a major redesign of the product to dial the user experience for this one-of-its-kind site

1. Solid User Experience/ Interaction design experience will be valuable

2. Comfort/ passion for working through complex information architectures and abstracting into a powerful UI

3. Experience, deep interest in working through user personas, use cases to design and brainstorm powerful UIs

In addition, the incoming member will be engaged with all parts of the venture, including marketing, content, monetization strategy. The role will evolve quickly as the business grows, with significant flexibility and opportunity to assume different positions.

This is a great opportunity for someone who would be excited about joining a business that could be worth a few billion dollars in the 5 year time-frame.

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